WW2 German M36 Tunic Used in Reveille. Jens Artur's Tunic W/Awards


Don't forget these...

This is one of a few tunics I outfitted for the character Jens Artur in the film Reveille. We didn't end up having to use it, but it's the exact configuration for the character. Featuring an Infantry Assault Badge in Silver, Wound Badge in black, Close combat clasp in bronze, an Eastern Front service ribbon, and Iron Cross second class ribbon as well as a Tank Destruction badge, this is a genuine prop from the set. Unteroffizier rank and tresse with Panzergrenadier "Meadow Green" insignia. This is a GREAT prop from the set, as well as a GREAT top if you reenact. High quality, we didn't skimp out.

Size is 50/182 which means 40" Chest, Regular Length.