WW2 German M39 "Egg" Grenade from Reveille- Replica.


Don't forget these...

We bought several of these for the film, and boy are they the absolute best quality reproduction money can buy. These are made from a lightweight steel, and are fully functional (Although 100% inert and can not be made live in any way whatsoever). Other reproductions don't get the shape, size, or paint/markings right, but these are the absolute best. I'm keeping most of them for my own collection and to make content on, but decided to part with 3 to improve some peoples' collection/impression. 

LISTING IS FOR ONE. I know there are 3 in the photo. I will choose at random when you buy one or more. These are VERY hard to find, and will be the envy at your next WW2 event. 

Cannot be shipped outside of the United States, FPO or APO addresses or to the state of California in accordance with California Penal Code 12020.)