WW2 German Rifleman Kit from Reveille


Don't forget these...

This was used in our film, Reveille, on one of the German soldiers. The belt extends to a 34" waist, and includes all basic rifleman gear except the bayonet. This is all top-notch reproduction stuff, so if you are a reenactor, this is gold. If you just want a piece of film history, this is also a solid way to do it. You will get:

1 Belt, Canvas, with Subdued Heer Steel Buckle, 34" Waist
1 Y-straps, leather, normal length.
2 Black pebbled leather K98 pouches
1 Breadbag
1 Mess Kit with strap (Austrian Post war painted correctly, the absolute best M31 clone)
1 Canteen, .75 Liter aluminum with felt cover and aluminum cup. 
1 Leather E-Tool Cover
1 Reproduction Spade (E-tool). 
1 M38 Gas Mask Cannister with Straps (No Contents).