WW2 Polish Wz.31 "Salamandra" Steel Helmet


Don't forget these...

After years of trying to track an original down with no luck, I FINALLY found a tiny hidey hole that reproduces these, and let me tell you, these are TOP NOTCH. Manufactured to be exactly like the originals that retail for THOUSANDS (if you can even find one), this is a super rare helmet, but you can have one without worrying about ruining a rare original. This is the placeholder in my collection until I can (if I ever can) get a real one, and boy is this an excellent reproduction. 

The Wz.31 was used by Polish forces from 1931 through the 1950s until most were either melted down or just wore out. Many of these were lost during WW2, and since only about 320,000 of these were EVER made, they are super rare and desirable. 

Reproduction is made of the same thickness steel, painted in the correct VERY coarse olive drab finish, and features a very high quality leather liner with aluminum band and exact replica leather chinstrap. Liner is adjustable up to about a size 62cm if you remove the padding from behind the leather pads. 

NOW, I only have one of these in stock currently, as I wanted to make sure the quality was up to standard before offering them in my store. I will, however, open these up for backorder, and should be getting the batch around mid January of 2024. These are 100% worth the wait, and once my supplier is out, I have no idea if they will ever have these made again. If you have any questions, ask.