WW2 Swiss M1918/40 Helmet with Camo Cover

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Swiss M1918/40 helmet. The Swiss designed this helmet in 1918 and modeled it after the WW1 German M1916 Stahlhelm. In 1940, changes were made to streamline production and make the helmet slightly more compact. These were used by Switzerland from 1940 through the 1970's as their main combat helmet.  Providing excellent coverage, this is not only a great collectible item, but a unique, practical helmet.  Comes with one reversible camouflage cover. Colors go from a splinter-like pattern to an autumn "rusty" pattern which works great in the Fall.  Liner system with be the three pads with 3/4 liner band.  Color of the shells are black.  Some may still have names in them, and graffiti scratched or drawn on the inside, there's just no telling! I will hand pick helmets for an extra fee for helmets with Troop Tags that have names on them.