WW2 U.S. MKIIA1 Pineapple Grenade- Replica


Don't forget these...

While acquiring items for the short film "Reveille", one of the things we needed were correct looking U.S. WWII Era MKIIA1 Grenades, as many films use the modern replicas with post WW2 fuses. When we received these, I knew right away that I needed to offer these up to authentic WW2 reenactors and collectors alike. Now is your chance to have a VERY nice resin replica molded from an original MKIIA1 in my collection. 

The bodies and fuse heads are cast from a strong resin, and the spoons are cast from an alloy material due to original spoons being very thin, and the resin spoons literally flopping around like a flaccid, well, you get it.... It adds enough strength to be worn on light missions, and are perfect for display or living history. I wouldn't advise diving in to cover and letting the grenades break your fall, but they should be alright for light battles and such. Weight is approximately 8 Ounces each.

The spoons are glued to the fuse, and the surplus USGI pin floats freely through a drilled hole. I would not advise pulling the pin out from the position they will arrive to you, as you would risk breaking the fuse/spoon in the process. IF you straighten out the pin on the other side, so there isn't any resistance, you should be okay if you want to simulate it. These are NON Functioning, and in NO WAY can be made to function. 

Now, for the cool part: These are all HAND assembled and painted. They are also all individually aged, so some will show a little more "wear" than others. I am going to randomize this when people order so you get some really cool variation. These require a LOT of time and material cost, but they are about as close to the real deal as you can get without having to spend $300+ on an original. From about 5 feet away, you would swear these were real. Picture is a stock photo of random grenades pulled from stock. 

NOTES: Since these are all individually cast, please refer to the 4th photo regarding slight imperfections on some of the spoons. I just wanted to be transparent so there are no bad surprises. 

SO, what are you waiting for? These can also be backordered, but please allow for 6-8 weeks for delivery if you place a back-order. First come-first served for in-stock frags. 

(Yes, I will be working on getting the early war Yellow MKIIs soon.)