WW2 U.S. Type II Service Shoes from Reveille


Don't forget these...

These are by-far the absolute BEST reproduction Type II service shoes used by American forces throughout the Second World War and beyond. Made by SMWholesale, these are an exact replica of the service shoe. The good news for you is that these were worn by the actors to a point of being well broken in, and they even have Missouri mud still left on them. You can either buy these as a piece of film history, and I can write you something to validate that, or you can grab these to wear around, as once they're cleaned, they actually look like a high-end shoe. If you're getting in to GI reenacting, these are the only way to go. Selling well below what I paid for them, even though I should charge extra because they're already broken in :) (Obviously a joke). 

Picture is a stock photo, but they're all in the same sort of dirty shape. They were only worn for a few weeks, and have PLENTY of life in them. They run pretty true to size, so order your normal size. Once these are gone, that's it for these.