Yugoslavian Kar98/M48 Mauser Leather Sling

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Yugoslavian K98/M48 Mauser sling. These are all used, and genuine surplus. Will fit on any Mauser style rifle with stock cut-out for a "Frosch" or "Keeper".    After WW2, Yugoslavia used Kar98's from Germany, and later implemented the M48 Mauser rifle. These slings will work with both.   These all have wear on them, and are anything but new. All are inspected to be 100% strong and functional. Some aesthetic "goop" may be on the brass hardware, which is common with brass hardware on leather goods. Some of these have talc powder on them still, as they were preserved with it. You can get it off with water and a washcloth. These are all in good shape, and will be excellent additions to your rifles. 

Condition Descriptions:
Grade 1's will have wear and some of that funky brass green goop, but are in overall great shape and will look amazing on your Mauser.

Grade 2's have much more wear, and look like they've been through hell in a handbasket, but are 100% functional and complete.

Grade 3's are a mixture of Grade 1 and 2 slings that are missing the "nut" at the end of the sling.