Yugoslavian M1924 "Sword" Bayonet

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These bayonets are rather hard to come by, and I've managed to snag a few for you guys!

These will fit on any M98 style bayonet "Bar" lug. I.E, this will fit on the Gew98, Kar98, M24, M24/47, M48 and so on. These are nice long bayonets, and you definitely need at least one. They aren't cheap, because most of these got melted down or cut down to shorter lengths.

Note about condition choices: "Degreased" means I gave the bayonet and scabbard a "once over" to remove about 90% of the cosmoline that these were covered in. They will work just fine, but expect a little residual. "Uncleaned" means I have not touched them in any way, and they are covered in hard cosmoline as they were stored for many years. Mineral spirits work well to remove this stuff. Expect imperfections, some might be slightly bent, but are malleable enough to be bent straight. Some may have SLIGHT pitting and dents on the scabbard. All are in 100% use-able and serviceable condition.  

Obviously Rifles are not included, but are shown with bayonets attached. Top rifle is a Yugo Re-work Kar98, and bottom is a Yugoslavian M24/47 Rifle.