Yugoslavian M1959 Steel Helmet-Used


Don't forget these...

If you're a helmet collector, or just like helmets in general, this is definitely one you need. Designed in late 1944, but not officially adopted until 1959, this helmet was rumored to have been in part designed by Tito himself as an adaptation of the infamous German Stahlhelm. 

Whether that's true or not, these were used from 1959 until recent years, and are MUCH harder to find than their M1959/85 successors. These differ from the later M59/85 with their longer different shell size and shape, and their cotton early Ridell style M1 Lining. 

NOTE: These will all be used, so expect helmets and liners with some very obvious wear. That being said, I've gone through each helmet and made sure they are serviceable and complete.